This photo blog is about sharing the beauty that I see.
It is my way of making a positive contribution toward a more kind and peaceful world.
It is my hope that the beauty in my photographs will spark a bit of peace, appreciation, and joy in others and remind them that the same magnificent beauty lies within them.

For a little background information, here is a quick snapshot  of who I am: Lynda

  • A Mother
  • A Nana
  • A Wife (to the same kind man for 32 years)
  • A Sister
  • A Friend
  • Retired
  • A senior citizen by some standards
  • A vegetarian who doesn’t like to cook
  • Creative
  • Resourceful
  • Spiritual, but not religious
  • A good problem solver
  • A photographer with a very basic camera
  • A composter and recycler
  • Funny
  • An introvert
  • Kind
  • Generous
  • Organized
  • Introspective
  • And very recently….. a blogger

In addition, I’ve lived in New York, California, Tennessee, Washington State, Kansas, Florida, and now South Carolina. I grew up in LA, and graduated from San Diego State University in 19?? with a degree in Deaf Education. I worked for more than 22 years as a teacher of children who are deaf or have other special needs. I have worked on research grants, written curriculum materials, and tutored.

Besides this blog, I  have another one, whereslynda.wordpress.com, which includes my photographs with writing that emphasize my spiritual side.   Now, I think you’ve gotten a pretty good picture of who I am, except for these last few things:

  • I went to elementary school with Kurt Russell’s sister (and even went to a sleep over at their house)
  • When I was in high school, I lived in a house once owned by Ann Margaret which was up the street from the house where the Jackson Five lived
  • I was in People Magazine
  • I went to New Zealand for seven weeks
  • I’m a good Wordfeud (Words with Friends) player
  • I don’t watch any violent or negative TV shows or movies
  • I love deer (the cute animal, not the meat)
  • I meditate
  • I once owned a Karmann Ghia (and would love to own another one)

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lynda, Thanks so much for sharing your work. Recently, I found myself very discouraged by all the negative political commentaries in the media. I spent time thinking…questioning.. how I can get through the next election season and my answer is “with art”…..read more poetry, spend time with photography, and read meaningful literature. I include your work as part of my support for making it a good day while in the midst of a sea of negative messages!
    Thank you!

    • Thank you for including my work in your search for what is positive, beautiful, loving, and true. I hope it helps you to see the world through new eyes.

  2. Hi Lynda. I have just come across your magnificent blog, and although i have only scratched the surface, I have discovered a treasure trove of beauty and wonder. You have captured some superb visions of nature, and certainly have an eye for portraying the magical essence of the natural world. I will look forward to experiencing more!

  3. Wonderful work. I love this . I learn to paint . I am a Dutch woman. I love the dunes and the sea. I am born in Haarlem in North Holland and i lived in the neighbourhood of Bloemendaal. There are the dunes and the sea. Because the strand is a part of the strand of Zandvoort.

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